Green House & Indoor Farms

The aeroponic systems that we design and build can be tailored to meet your unique project requirements. We will work together to design and build a system that suits your current space and business requirements.

If you have unused space in a barn or want to increase the efficiency of your growing facility, aeroponics may benefit you. Research centers looking for a year-round operation may also find our indoor farm service useful. The steps towards developing your indoor farm are as follows.

Site Evaluation

In order to develop your indoor farm, the first step is to perform a site evaluation, so our team can assess your space – in some cases, this can be accomplished remotely.

Feasibility Study

In the next step, we will consult with you on a feasibility study. Project pricing is based on the nature of the project.

Facility Plans

Your facility plans, defined capital expenditures, and economic modeling will follow.

Maintaining Sustainability

Low maintenance nozzle-free system

95% less water than
outdoor farming

Ongoing remote

No pesticides
or harmful chemicals

Automated scheduling
& crop recipes


How we build yours?

We want to grow alongside you as your company grows, and we’ll always be there for you in whatever capacity you require. We desire farmer independence and want to work ourselves out of a job.

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