Farm Design & Implementation

We help new entrepreneurs and expanding operators navigate the critical stages of planning and getting their urban farming business up and running fast, without making costly mistakes.

Clients who have already chosen their site and crops can still use our farm design service independently. A more in-depth feasibility study, which includes farm design, is often conducted when our clients have not yet reached a conclusion on these decisions.

Who is this for?

New entrepreneurs or owners of expanding farms often use farm design services.

Why do you need it?

Using our farm design services, you can translate your business and operating plan into detailed specs on which an engineering team can build construction-ready documents.


We estimate that using our services would save you at least half of the money you would have spent if you were to do the farm implement yourself.

All Aspects Covered

Site Analysis

Equipment Selection

HVAC Analysis

3D Farm Model

Farm Layout

Feasible Study

How we build yours?

We want to grow alongside you as your company grows, and we’ll always be there for you in whatever capacity you require. We desire farmer independence and want to work ourselves out of a job.

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